Go digital: Online receipts focus on positive customer service experiences

In an age where iPhones, tablets and Android devices make information readily available at the touch of a screen, the ball is in the consumer's court when it comes to retail engagement. Consumers are increasingly researching their purchases while in-store in order to assist them with making a decision. Online testimonials and reviews assist customers in making their decision in regards to online and in-store purchases. Consumers are increasingly researching and gathering information online, resulting in smarter shoppers. This shift to virtual shopping makes perfect sense, so doesn’t it make even more sense for your business to hop on board and give customers the virtual experience they have grown accustomed to?

As a business, one of your primary goals is to provide an interactive, positive customer experience for your clientele. In a world full of choices, clients turn to your business not only because you provide the best services, but predominantly because of the unique experience you are able to provide them.

We’ve got the perfect tool that will help you make a smooth transition to the virtual space of online shopping: digital receipts. Not only do they help increase online sales, but they’re a key way to improve your customer’s in-store and online experience.

When Apple pioneered digital receipts in 2005, they understood the revolutionary nature of online receipts for improved customer service experiences. It’s evident how well this worked for Apple then. Now, they can work for you.

How do digital receipts contribute to a positive customer service experience?

The retail industry, travel services, and hospitality services are beginning to understand the benefits of utilizing online receipts. They don’t recognize e-receipts as a trend, but rather see the value they can offer their email marketing campaigns.

As long as you use the inside email access to a shopper’s behaviour and specifically use it to engage that one shopper, those digital receipts are a powerful tool in keeping your customers satisfied.

Nearly 27% of consumers were more likely to say that their favorite companies should invest more in emails, so let’s give the customers what they want.

When a customer receives an email with a digital receipt after making an online purchase, they’re more likely to store away that receipt in their email or accounts, which is not always the case with paper receipts. What this means is if you cater the information on that receipt to the specific customer, that receipt can be more than just a piece of paper.

What can your e-receipts offer your customers?

Product recommendations-.

Most online receipts for retailers have a ‘You might also like …’ section, which is a smart utilization of white space on these receipts. This shows customers that, based on their shopping pattern and history, your brand cares enough to make suggestions.


As in this example from Unique Tees, many e-receipts have suggestions based on buyer habits.

Customers are generally more satisfied and responsive when they see that a company notices their likes or dislikes. This is more likely to encourage the customer to make a second purchase because your e-receipt marketing tactics are more personalized.

Ratings, testimonials, surveys.

You can use digital receipts as a platform for the customer to rate their online or in-store experience. If you’ve used Uber before, you’re familiar with the immediate ‘Rate your driver’ page that pops up on your phone screen as part of your digital receipt:

Uber takes this opportunity to connect with the customer to see how their drivers are doing, and it’s a great tool that you can employ  to ensure your brand is maintaining its value.

The ratings prove value for the company, but also show the customer that Uber cares about their feedback and security. It is an immediate indicator that this is a company that prioritizes client engagement, and it’s a simple addition to the digital receipt helps maintain positive customer experience.

U-Haul online receipts also give customers the chance to review their experience and take online surveys. Since 82% of consumers open email from companies they purchase from, email receipts are more likely to encourage action and engagement from customers than paper receipts or marketing emails. If a survey link is readily available on the receipt and just a click away, customers are highly likely to engage with the company.


If you want feedback from your customers on services and products, online receipts help with client engagement and response; e-receipts will get you there.

Loyalty programs.

Some business’ marketing campaigns focus on drawing in new customers, which is great. While you should certainly make new clients a top priority, existing customers spend on average 67% more than first-time customers.

This is why email marketing campaigns are extremely useful to engage existing customers. Online receipts get you access to your customer’s inbox and it’s then up to you to figure out how to leverage this insider access.

From companies such as David’s Tea, Indigo and Starbucks to Old Navy, Gap, Anthropologie, many top retailers provide loyalty programs to increase customer satisfaction and obviously, strengthen loyalty. Most loyalty programs automatically generate e-receipts when your customers swipe or scan their cards at checkout.

These web portals organize all e-receipts for customers and help them track purchases, history and any items they wish to return.

If we look more specifically at Indigo as an example, they offer their customers loyalty cards and focus on Plum rewards, which give additional points to customers for making online purchases. This has helped Indigo establish their online presence, take advantage of e-commerce and keep customers happy.

These opportunities to shop online are made possible by online receipt services and help promote your loyalty program. Since 7 out of 10 customers make use of coupons through loyalty programs and email marketing, transactional emails have higher open rates and help build loyalty club membership.

Whether or not you have a loyalty program, it is hard to ignore the benefit e-receipts provide your customers. Online receipts go a long way in helping increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty towards your company. In fact, brands like Uber rely entirely on e-commerce and digital receipts, with little or no paper trail. These tools keep today’s smart shoppers engaged and ensure that every customer is a happy customer.

If you’re interested in utilizing the white-space on your e-receipts to increase your marketing efforts, contact us at flexReceipts, and we can work with you to launch digital receipts that engage your existing consumers.