Digital Receipts pave the way to a more engaged customer


With ever-increasing consumer demand for brands to be engaging throughout all steps of the sales process, the capability of increasing your customer engagement tactics rises with the use of digital receipts. Simply sending purchase details as an e-receipt is seen as a positive business move, and one that 40% of retailers are taking advantage of. However, including ways to engage the customer through that initial email will further their bond with your brand.

What to include:

Links to your company website and social media channels should be the bare minimum of what you include on a digital receipt, as it’s the information about your brand that consumers expect to find. However, adding additional information encouraging them to join your loyalty program, share purchase details on social media, or include upcoming promotions to encourage further purchases shows that you are genuinely interested in hearing what they have to say.

Digital receipts offer many opportunities for continued engagement with your customer once they leave your store.

  • PromotionsProviding information about upcoming promotions or targeted offers can peak customers’ interest, bringing them back into the store. Incentivizing their return with a discount or limited time offer are just two examples of promotions that makes it worth their while.

  • RecommendationsIncluding recommendations based on purchase history shows that you’re listening to them and understand what they want. It’s also a great opportunity to upsell and cross-sell by offering suggestions that work well with the item they purchased.

  • Loyalty Program InformationExtend the in-store experience through a loyalty program that gamifies your purchase process. Coffee shops have been doing it for years with punch-cards, but inventing a creative way that your business can take advantage of a loyalty program tailored to your clients proves that you’re with them on their purchasing journey.

Tie Receipts into your marketing plan

Making sure that your marketing plan is setup to handle social media responses is integral to the ongoing success of your customer engagement, allowing you to stay in touch with them throughout the entire purchase cycle. Furthermore, once a customer is enrolled in your loyalty program, the chance for future marketing based on their previous purchases has already increased.

Over the course of a year, pre and post-natal baby goods company Mothercare instituted an e-receipt policy. In conjunction with other marketing efforts such as a loyalty program and advice for new mothers, their efforts saw a weekly order increase of 1,431%.

Using your digital receipts as a launching board to engaging your customers with thought-out marketing plans ensures that your business is constantly growing and adapting to the needs of your consumers.

Epsilon’s Q2 2011 Email Trends and Benchmarks report suggests that transactional emails have a 42.8% higher open rate than marketing emails, so including your marketing messages immediately after a sale increases the chances that they’ll actually absorb that information.

Creating an engaging experience for your customer can be an arduous task, but flexReceipts can ensure that your digital receipts include all the information you need to convert customers into engaged customers. As long as you take advantage of a customer’s interest at the pointofsale and have a marketing plan in place to rollout alongside their transaction details, your customer engagement will only increase.