Digital receipts and your small business: how to increase sales with these email marketing tactics


There are plenty of advantages for brick and mortar stores that opt to offer consumers digital receipts, and they are beginning to be widely embraced during the in-store checkout experience. Although businesses often understand the real-estate marketing value receipts offer. If customers aren't storing them in a shoe box for tax time, they're typically thrown away. When it comes to online receipts, optimized templates offered by typical e-commerce software won't engage consumers and grow your brand. With an open rate of 70.90%, compared to the average 17.19% for regular email marketing campaigns—digital receipts are a potential gold mine. Here's how they can help you stay connected with your customers and increase sales for your small business. Upsell with recommendations

Upsells are responsible for between 20-30% of the average e-commerce business' revenue? New product recommendations on digital receipts offer a great way to personalize the buying experience. But be mindful not to simply offer products that are your top sellers or clearance items you're trying to get rid of. Taking advantage of big data analytic will help you tailor recommendations based on purchasing patterns. You can also add products they added to their cart, but didn’t buy and products they viewed.

Incentivize future purchases with discount codes

The cost of acquisition can be expensive for established brands and small businesses alike. So, making it more convenient and desirable for existing customers to make another purchase is smart business. A study shows that 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email that included a coupon code on their digital receipts. An additional70% of people make use of coupons or discounts they learn about from email. However, when you're encouraging your customers to use their discounts, try to use a time sensitive offer to increase conversions.

Offer a survey for feedback

You don't want to risk losing customer just because you didn't know they were unsatisfied. A customer survey can provide immediate, valuable feedback. You can include the survey as a contest entry to further encourage engagement.

Surveys on digital receipts will also give you some insight into the purchasing flow for your store, as well as any pain points a customer may have experienced during the checkout process.

Promote social media accounts to keep customers informed and connected

for a business to be successful on social media, they have to show their customers that they actually care about them and have solutions to answer their problems. Promoting your social platforms on digital receipts also offer different ways for your customers to reach you.

Are you interested in incorporating digital receipts into your business? Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of the E-receipts in your digital marketing campaign and the solutions that can help you achieve them.