Consumers to Retailers: We Want Digital Receipts!

BizReport’s conclusion was based on data released by YouGov and Bronto Software, which revealed that 45% of consumers in the UK would like a digital version of their proof of purchase, while nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said they were open to additional marketing messages via e-receipts.

These numbers clearly show that consumers are not only ready for wide-scale digital receipt adoption—they’re practically begging for digital receipts. So why are retailers reluctant? In the retail world, positive change often occurs gradually, then all at once. This may especially be  true with the transition away from such a firmly entrenched tradition as paper receipts.

While it may appear on the surface that retailers are missing out on the e-receipts opportunity, in reality, companies are working to adopt the technology in droves within the next few years. Our study in collaboration with RIS Magazine earlier this year revealed that although fewer than 25 percent of retailers currently utilize digital receipts for in-store purchases, more than half of all retailers have firm  plans to adopt them by the end of 2016. Should this trend continue, we are on the verge of seeing at least 75% adoption by this time next year.

flexReceipts will continue to lead the forefront of the digital receipt revolution. The Bronto study revealed that 40% of respondents would like to receive notifications of upcoming sales in digital receipts, while 34% would like to see promotions on related products and 31% would like information on loyalty programs. These are all features that flexReceipts has implemented from the get-go, and with our latest release, retailers have more ways than ever to engage customers through their digital receipts.