An Old Mantra Leads to Increased Digital Receipt Adoption by Your Customers


You’ve cleared a hurdle and fully implemented digital receipts into your point of sale system. And, you’re now ready to reap the benefits: increased customer engagement, loyalty and a bigger email database! To encourage your customers to happily make the switch from traditional paper receipts, we wanted to share one of our best tips for increasing adoption.

The most common barrier our retailers encounter is that customers mistake a digital receipt for an extra step in the process. The solution: change how digital receipts are presented. It’s simple psychology: cashiers must present digital receipts as the default to customers.

To get the gist of this idea, imagine yourself as an average customer in a new store. You pick out a few items and bring them to the checkout counter. After ringing up and totaling the items, the cashier asks, “Would you like a digital receipt?” You’re used to getting paper receipts, so you probably see the digital receipt as an extra step that will prolong your leaving the store. You say “no thanks”, take a paper receipt, and go about your day.

Now, let’s flip the script: imagine if the cashier instead says “We are now emailing our receipts. Would you also like a paper one?” He or she then immediately asks for or verifies the customer’s email address. It might seem like a small change, but we’ve seen it really help retailers turn their e-receipts adoption curve upside-down time and time again. You see, not only does the change in wording make customers see the digital receipt as default, while the paper receipt becomes the burdensome extra step—it also reminds them that times are changing. Think about it: no one wants to be perceived as the out-of-touch person who still requests paper receipts.

This change doesn’t just increase adoption. When we share this insight with our clients, it often becomes an “ah-ha!” moment for their thinking about email receipts, making the transition to digital receipts smoother for everyone.