5 ways to improve customer loyalty with e-receipts

A challenge for business owners always revolves around how to improve customer retention. Showing your customers that you truly value them is integral to keeping them happy and coming back for more. The use of e-receipts is a simple and profitable way to incorporate their purchasing cycle into your marketing and customer retention methods. According to a report by Adobe, 40% of e-commerce revenue is generated by 8% of retailers’ customer base, so it's clear that keeping your valued customers is important to your bottom line. With the use of technology, it's getting easier and easier to reach out to your customers regularly and keep them informed of promotions and offers.

The following five methods are easy to include on your e-receipts that aim to improve customer retention through loyalty programs, thank-you promotions, newsletters, feedback surveys, and continuing the conversation on social media.

Sale! Sale! Sale!

One of the most frequent types of retail emails is about the next upcoming sale. Customers expect that. One way to rise above this is to incorporate a loyalty promotion from their first purchase.

Offering a discount off their next purchase directly from your e-receipt is a great way to entice new customers to return to your store. It's also a great way to show your customers that you value their business. Up to 70% of people will take advantage of discounts and coupons that they received via email, so why not take advantage of those numbers by offering them the incentive immediately after their purchase? Including an exclusive offer like this makes your customer feel not only valued, but special.

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Providing product recommendations based on an item that your customer just purchased is a great way to upsell your current customers. A report by Marketing Metrics, as discussed in Forbes, announced that businesses are 60-70% more likely to upsell a current customer than to sell to a new customer. That loyalty is something you cannot ignore, especially as upsells are responsible for 20-30% of e-ommerce revenue.

Tailoring a customer's e-receipt to show a great product that complements an item they just purchased could excite them enough to return to the checkout and buy the complimentary item.

Prove your loyalty

Companies of all shapes and sizes are offering loyalty programs, from coffee stamp cards to points accumulated based on purchases. These gamification techniques excite the customer into using their rewards card to make purchases, as the more they buy, the more they are rewarded.

Popular programs like this include Air Miles, the Starbucks My Rewards program, and Indigo's Plum Rewards. Making sure to include information about your rewards or loyalty program on the e-receipt, with easy access to sign-up, ensures that you’ll have an increased number of customers joining in, earning points, and making repeat purchases.

Continue the conversation

Guiding your customers to a feedback survey or your social media channels are great ways to continue the conversation and get them directly engaged with your brand. The more engaged a customer, the more likely they are to return to purchase from you or to spread the word about your company. A great example of a company doing this right is Uber; 95% of Uber riders heard about the company through word-of-mouth, from other riders.

The easiest way into their inbox

Offering e-receipts, whether through an in-store purchase or online, is the easiest way to get your messaging into their inbox. Customers will open your receipt to verify purchase information and delivery details, or simply to file it into the proper folder.

Once you've collected their email address, the next step is to continue your messaging after the purchase. Asking them to sign up for your newsletter that's filled with upcoming promotions and product releases will keep you and your brand at the top of their mind throughout the year.

Of course, some may eventually unsubscribe, but the goal is to reach out to those that would value the information that you provide, making sure that you're not spamming them with overly frequent emails.