3 engagement tactics digital receipts offer to help your business

When I went away to college, I received an entire series of do’s and dont’s from my mother, who was clearly experiencing empty-nest syndrome. At the top of that list was my mother's insistence that I hang on to my receipts. Now, this made perfect sense to me for big expensive purchases such as a television or laptop. But I failed to comprehend the importance of hanging onto every single receipt from every miniscule purchase I made. It helps you budget, she insisted. It’s important to know what you’re spending and how.

But as time went on, I began to toss receipts—or better yet, forgot to take them at all, being the rebel that I am. Even before I was asked, “Would you like a copy of your receipt?” I had one foot out the door. Even the excitement of entering draws online with the codes printed onto my restaurant receipts couldn’t convince me to hang onto my paper receipts.

In today’s environmentally-friendly, social media-crazed, cloud-based world, paper receipts have no place. Digital receipts, on the other hand, just make more sense. They are the answer to the pragmatic, practical, smartphone-using Generation Z.

How do digital receipts help my business?

Digital receipts offer your business the opportunity to use receipts as a marketing tool and help you connect with your customers. These receipts can include not only your logo, brand, address, and locations, but also information that will encourage your shoppers to engage with your brand. These receipts are more than just a scrap of paper to be tossed out without a second glance— they are your opportunity to increase your brand’s visibility.

Digital receipts can open the door to increased engagement. By gaining a customer's email address to send them a email receipt, you’ve taken the first step towards continually connecting with your customer base. Getting a client’s email address is the way to go since 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through emails.

This step can help you communicate with clients by adding them to your email marketing database to inform them about promotions or send coupons and updates to keep them coming back to you.

Digital receipt coupons encourage customers to come back. Savings are a great way to keep most shoppers engaged and returning for more purchases. E-receipts allow you the opportunity to present a coupon for, let’s say, 10% off their next purchase. That’s good news for your customer, but if you attach a deadline to the purchase, that keeps your consumer engaged more frequently. For example, let’s say the coupon is for 10% off their next purchase, but  this coupon is only valid within the month. That’s twice this month that this shopper makes a purchase from your company.


For example, this Old Navy coupon attached with the e-receipt for $20 in “Super Cash” encouraged the recipient to make another online purchase. Even if that shopper did not intend on making another purchase right away, an enticing coupon on their e-receipt could change their mind. Nearly 44% of email receipts encouraged shoppers to make at least one purchase based on a promotional email that included a coupon code.

After all, savings are savings in the mind of a consumer, and you can easily leverage coupons as a promotional tool to encourage shoppers to come back.

Digital receipts give you inside access to consumer behaviour. E-receipts offer retailers a greater understanding into their buyer’s shopping habits. How does this insight into consumer’s shopping habits help? It allows you to launch a campaign with focused emails, promotions, and advertising mailers to target your specific consumers based on their needs, wants, and previous shopping activity.

Understanding their behaviour allows you to make specific call-to-actions in your emails, and you can use your customer data to customize your content appropriately for your different clients. This in turn helps increase engagement.

The consumer is more likely to respond to a coupon or advertisement that captivates them rather than generic advertisements sent to everyone on your email list. The key to successful digital receipts is to understand your consumer and take advantage of white-space marketing.

Digital receipts increase your brand’s visibility on social media. Not only can digital receipts be used to increase consumer engagement, they can strengthen brand loyalty and create a 1-to-1 bond with each individual customer, according to Epilson. They offer customers the opportunity to connect with your brand on social media through online purchases.

How does this work? When a customer makes an online purchase from your website, you can allow them the opportunity to share their purchases on social media. Not only is the specific product shared, but so is your brand.

This means that with just one click from your consumer, your brand has increased exposure once it was shared with their entire list of Facebook or Instagram friends, or Twitter followers.

This marketing tool cost you nothing, but is easily launched with the click of a button on your digital receipts. Your e-receipts can also include your social media accounts to quickly draw greater traffic to your accounts.

If you’re still considering adopting digital receipts, the time to act is now. The benefits of switching over to digital receipts are endless. Now that you’re familiar with just some of the ways e-receipts can benefit your business, take the first step over to launch an e-campaign for your business and get in touch with us at FlexReceipts.

I guess moms are always right. Hanging onto your receipts certainly does prove to be beneficial, but now I just store mine in my email account. It sure is much easier to hang onto digital receipts than paper ones anyway.