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50% of customers elect to receive a digital receipt

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Bounce rates reduced to less than 3.5%


15% average click rate


Direct sales from ereceipts tops six figures


ALDO Shoes Names flexEngage “Most Successful Digital Initiative”

Since opening its very first store in Montreal in 1972, the Canadian footwear company, Aldo Shoes, has grown to be one of the world’s leading footwear retailers.  Today, the Aldo Group operates nearly 3,000 stores across 4 countries serving nearly 200 million customers annually.

ALDO Shoes Needed:

  • A digital receipt provider who would be able to integrate with their older POS platform.

  • To increase the capture rate and validity of email addresses from in-store customers.

  • To improve customer engagement and drive incremental sales post-purchase.

The Challenge: Increase the Volume & Accuracy of Email Addresses Captured at Point of Purchase

In 2016, Aldo determined that they needed a way to capture more in-store customer email addresses at checkout, as well as validate the deliverability of those addresses.  In-store email capture rates had stalled at under 10%, with many of those addresses totally undeliverable. Aldo approached their POS manufacturer to see if they could help them enable digital receipts. However, the manufacturer said their existing platform was too old to modify, making it nearly impossible to enable digital receipts.

The Solution: Deploy flexEngage’s Smart Digital Receipts, Email Validation & White Glove Services

Given the older POS platform Aldo was operating, Aldo’s senior leadership chose flexEngage’s premium receipt solution due to flexEngage’s reputation as the industry leader and their extensive enterprise-level experience. 

Once live, Aldo focused first on adoption rates as a key contributor to ROI. Aldo's president participated in evangelizing the importance of the email receipt program for Aldo’s 2016 and 2017 omnichannel goals. The company created a full training schedule and video to ensure their employees would be fully equipped to deliver high adoption rates. To further ensure the success of email adoption, Aldo also announced an incentive program for the retail associate with the highest email acquisition rates.

Aldo’s work paid off. Customers began readily adopting the new smart email receipts and e-receipt volume was on the rise. Aldo next implemented flexEngage real-time Email Validation Service to ensure they were not collecting or emailing to bad email addresses. This successfully raised Aldo’s email deliverability rate as they continued to add more volume to their database. 

With the higher adoption and an increase in valid emails captured, in May 2017, Aldo added flexEngage’s White Glove service, an enhancement which allowed the flexEngage customer success team to test, manage and execute on revenue-driving ereceipt personalization and campaigns. Within a few months, Aldo deployed a 15% incentive offer for joining Aldo’s A-List Loyalty program, as well as clickable line item product images and descriptions, product recommendations powered by Salesforce PI, and a number of bounce-back campaigns - all drive by the flexEngage customer success team. 

The Results: Aldo Surpasses Email Capture and ROI Goals

  • 50% of Customers Elect to Receive a Digital Receipt: The store associate training program Aldo and flexEngage deployed resulted in 1 out of every 2 customers walking out of the store with a smart receipt.

  • Bounce Rates Dropped to 3.5%: Utilizing flexEngage’s real-time Email Validation Service, Aldo reduced bounce rates to less than 3.5%, a vast improvement in email deliverability.

  • 15% Average Click-Through Rate and Six-Figure Sales Revenue: Today, Aldo captures over 5 million new email addresses annually and sees an average of 15% of its opens click through which has resulted in six-figure sales directly from ereceipts.


By leveraging the full expertise, platform capabilities and White Glove service provided by flexEngage, Aldo was able to meet their in-store e-receipt adoption goals and leverage their receipts to drive six-figure sales directly from its ereceipts.


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“flexEngage’s technology has vastly improved visibility to our consumers’ in-store transactions by increasing capture rate. It has also provided us with a high-engagement vehicle to continue communication beyond the transaction and when the customer is the most receptive.
— Sandra Martineau // Aldo’s Director of CRM and Loyalty
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