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3 of 4 shoppers opt for digital receipts

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Over 400% return on investment (ROI)


5.11 Tactical Surpasses Email Acquisition & Omnichannel Goals with flexEngage 

Since its humble origins as a gift of pants to the FBI in 1999, 5.11 Tactical has exploded into a $400+ million dollar California-based uniform and apparel brand. Operating online and in over 30 retail locations across the USA, Asia & Australia, 5.11 Tactical sells tactical clothing and equipment to the US military, law enforcement, and public safety, as well as the general public.

5.11 Tactical Needed:

  • More robust digital receipt capabilities than the basic PDF receipts offered by their POS.

  • Increased in-store email address capture.

  • A remarkable post-sale customer engagement platform to address omnichannel challenges.


The Challenge: Capture 50% of In-Store Customer Email Addresses & Create a Streamlined Omnichannel Customer Experience

5.11 Tactical was looking to streamline their omnichannel experience for customers. To do this, they wanted to focus on raising their email capture rate at the point of sale; constructing a consistent look and feel across transactional and marketing communications; and creating a better means of re-engaging their in-store customers with post-purchase promotions.

The Solution: Deploy Proven flexEngage Smart Email Receipts

Rob Lauzon, Director of IT Omnichannel Solutions, had experienced firsthand the success of the flexEngage solution during his tenure as Retail Systems Manager at Oakley. From the beginning of his time at 5.11 Tactical, Lauzon knew flexEngage would be the solution for 5.11 Tactical’s challenges. flexEngage had the built-in capabilities to keep in-store customers engaged post-purchase through personalized messaging, relevant content and timely promotions. It would be simple to implement, making it a quick win.


The Results: Adoption & Omnichannel Results Exceed All Expectations & Set Industry-Leading Standards

  • Digital Receipt Adoption Rate Hits Industry-Topping 75%: 5.11 Tactical instituted a 50% company- wide adoption rate goal, knowing how important it was to their ROI to sign as many customers up for digital receipts as possible. Thanks to a robust training program, an incentive program for associates, and receipts worth bragging about, 5.11 Tactical exceeded this goal within 6 months of launch and are now able to boast that 3 out of every 4 in-store customers are engaged by their omnichannel marketing strategy.

  • Return on Investment Soars Past 400%: 5.11 Tactical’s marketing team leveraged flexEngage’s robust content insertion capabilities to promote relevant content on their digital receipts. This content generated a post-purchase engagement so strong, it resulted in a massive 409% annual ROI.


flexEngage’s digital receipt solution not only met all of Tactical’s stated goals but also provided the capability to go far beyond, capturing the email addresses of 3 out of every 4 customers at the point of sale and creating a post-sale customer journey so engaging that it has driven an ROI of over 400%.




“flexEngage has been the most successful IT initiative for the retail business this year and a key foundational block in our omnichannel strategic plan.
— Rob Lauzon // Director, IT Omnichannel Solutions
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